Blue Ribbon – Sweden’s Coastline


Therese and I made our final preparations for the start of our Swedish Coastline tour next weekend with a short trip in fully loaded boats from Bastedalen near Askersund.

X-Plore-S and Pace 17 S

We faced the final decision as to whether Therese should paddle her favourite boat, the  Tiderace Xplore-S, or the Tiderace Pace 17-S. Both are narrow and quick but the Pace is slightly faster and easily driven and has more volume. Love or practicality! Form over function.

We settled on the Pace and had fun comparing the two models. I’ll be paddling the white X-plore S and we think we’ll be more evenly matched with this combination.  We’ll use Greenland sticks  for most paddling in gentle weather and Lettman Ergonom Pro paddles when we need extra power or acceleration. Both boats looked pretty good in the water when loaded and felt fast and responsive.

Pace 17 S
Pace 17 S – long sleek Swede form hull with a rudder.

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