About Us

Kevin Brown

Kevin is passionate about both sea kayaking and the natural world. With a Ph.D. in ecology he likes to observe and understand wildlife, from beetles and flowers to the birds and dolphins. Kevin loves the simplicity of living out of his kayak for an extended journey, moving silently and efficiently through quiet and empty spaces. Kevin has been paddling for over 40 years and guiding small bespoke journeys on skis and on the water for the past 20 years. Kevin has paddled extensively throughout the UK as well as in Norway and Sweden, Canada, Mexico and France. Originally from Devon in South West England but now living in Sweden, Kevin is qualified as a British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader (old 5-star sea kayak leader award). Kevin is an approved assessor for the green and blue levels of the European Paddle Pass.

Therese Lundqvist-Jones

Therese lives and loves the outdoor life, or as the Swedes say “friluftsliv”. Having grown up in   northern Sweden, she enjoys the vast spaces, natural beauty and distant horizons of the mountains and the sea.

With BSc in Physical Education and many years of teaching experience, Therese enjoys sharing her passion of the outdoors with children and adults of all ages. Therese has been kayaking for 30 years and holds a British Canoeing 3 star award and is a BC level 2 coach. She is a qualified sea kayak leader for Friluftsfrämjandet in Sweden, as well as being a qualified Mountain leader. She has led numerous kayak and mountaineering trips, both in Scandinavia as well as further afield, for example the UK, Canada, Ecuador and Malawi. Therese is an approved assessor for the green level European paddle pass.

Julie Perren

Julie enjoys the freedom to explore the coastline by sea kayak having paddled in the many diverse regions that the UK has to offer from Scotland, Anglesey and Pembrokeshire to Cornwall and Jersey. Further afield she has enjoyed exploring France and Norway and recently paddling self-supported in Western Greenland.

Julie always paddles with a sketchbook to hand to record the breath-taking scenery along the journey. Back at home in South Devon she can often be found leading groups and coaching. As a co-organiser of the Women’s Sea Kayaking Festival, held in Devon, U.K. in 2015 and 2017, Julie is a British Canoeing Level 2 coach as well as a BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader (old BC 5*) with a BC Moderate Water Endorsement. Julie will co-lead our Koster trip in 2022 and will assess for BC 3 star at the end of the week if required.