The choice of boat, paddle and clothing makes a huge difference to your enjoyment of sea kayaking.
We only use the best sea kayaking equipment from established manufacturers.


We see so many paddlers in boats that don’t fit them and know how this makes boat handling difficult.  The choice of boat, paddle and clothing makes a huge difference to your enjoyment of sea kayaking.  For 2021 we have a modern fleet of carbon or glass-fibre kayaks from Tiderace or Lettmann with a range of sizes to suit the small to larger paddler.

We prefer glass or carbon kayaks and only offer clients boats that we’d choose to paddle ourselves. On making a booking you will be sent a form that asks for information about your weight, your past paddling experience and your level of confidence on waves.   We match each client to a suitable boat for each trip once we’ve received this information. You are of course welcome to bring your own boat if you wish and a 10% discount will be offered in this case. If you’d like to paddle a double kayak then do let us know at the time of booking. We have fast and stable double kayaks, ideal for paddlers of mixed ability or for the partially sighted.

We really like the design and build quality of Lettmann Kayaks and paddles ( and are now selling these in Sweden. We have demo boats available for the Skinner and the Biskaya MV and LV, our preferred choice for paddling Swedish waters. Do get in touch if you’d like to try one of these. We can paddle with you for a day or arrange an extended demo if you need more time to get to know a potential new boat.


We tend to use light and efficient euro-blade paddles such as the Lettmann Ergonom Pro or the Werner Shuna, although we also have a number of wooden and carbon Greenland paddles, should you wish to try the traditional technique. The Greenland paddle is ideally suited to all except the roughest of conditions and is particularly gentle on the body. We’ll select a paddle to suit you once we know your size and strength.

We also have Lettmann demo paddles available for the Ergonom pro sea in both small and large sizes. Once you get used to them these are the smoothest and most intuitive paddle you can find. Probably the last paddle you will ever buy.

Paddling Extras

Spray decks are provided to fit each boat and a buoyancy aid with pockets is also provided.  All paddlers are required to wear a buoyancy aid when on the water with us.

Helmets are necessary for paddling in rougher water on some of our journeys. Your guide will advise when these should be worn. A helmet is important to protect your head in the event of a capsize near rocks or from being hit by another boat if you’ve had a swim.  We’ll indicate which trips require helmets to be carried and we will provide these.

We provide a long-sleeved paddling cag suitable for many trips. For advanced trips on rougher water, where a swim is likely or the waters are cold then a dry suit is necessary. Many experienced paddlers have their own but we can rent you one if needed at a reasonable rate.

Camping Equipment

Many of our clients come with their own camping equipment and don’t need anything from us. We  are happy to provide a Hilleberg or Mountain Equipment tent, sleeping mat and a MSR Dragonfly or Trangia stove with fuel and cooking pots and pans as part of the price of your trip. Sleeping bags are personal and we expect you to bring your own. Please ask us if you’re not sure about what equipment to bring.

The boats
Lettmann Biskaya MV, Skinner and Biskaya LV
Camping equipment