We are now selling Lettmann boats and paddles and Whetman Equipment Tow lines and accessories

We’re delighted to announce that we are now selling Lettmann sea kayaks and paddles in Sweden as well as Whetman Equipment tow lines and accessories. We really rate these boats and find the Ergonom pro sea to be the most wonderful Euroblade paddle.

We’ve ordered LV and MV Biskayas and a Skinner in VCS (full carbon construction) as Demo boats and invite interested paddlers in Sweden to get in touch and try then out.

You can have a look at these boats on the Lettmann site:



We’ve chosen Lettmann boats for their exceptional build quality and for their great designs that we know work really well.

Lettmann sea kayaks have a fully adjustable foot plate and not those side mounted pegs found on most other boats. The foot plate is just that, it lets you work with your feet centrally placed on a plate rather than on pegs on the side of the kayak.  I’ve found that long term paddling with the standard foot pegs makes the piriformis muscle in may bum shorten, causing stiffness and some lower back pain. Human beings really aren’t designed like frogs!

Another really useful feature with these boats is the option to have a skeg that can also  function as a rudder when fully down (Lettmann call this the skudder). We find a skeg alone works pretty well but the ability to turn with a rudder too just gives you more directional control. What’s nice is that this “skudder” isn’t in the stern so won’t be up in the sky when you you most need to make that turn.  Given that we know how much paddlers in Sweden like a rudder this might be a really good way forward for many of our customers.

For many years it was impossible to find a tow line that worked really well ‘as sold’.

The Guide Tow from Whetman Equipment does just that. It’s strongly made, has a great bag with an easy to open zip. Every aspect of this tow-line has been really well though out by a paddler who goes out and uses it himself. What’s even better is that they are made by hand by Steve Whetman.  The standard tow-line comes with a rope running all the way to the krab.  I have a modification with a length of tape at the worming end to pass through declines even more easily. Both are available in stock in Sweden. Our price for the Guide Tow line is 1000 Kr.


Give us a call or send us a mail if you’d like to try a boat or paddle or have a look at the tow-lines.

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