What’s in my Sea kayaking Repair Kit?

Quite a few people have asked me recently to describe what I carry in my repair kit.

This is what I typically carry with a long (multi-week) trip in mind. I used to think I might trim it back a bit for local day trips but have never actually done this. Over the past few years guiding I have had to repair kayaks with holes and cracks in, buoyancy aids, spray decks, rudder systems, hatch rims as well as torn tents, sleep mats and clothing. I think I’ve used pretty much everything.

Heres the list with a few explanations:

1. 2 rolls of Duck Tape, 5m, (the really strong super sticky stuff from Lettmann)

2. Composite kayak epoxy repair kit (glass mat, resin and harder)

3. Wooden lollypop sticks (5) for mixing epoxy and applying it.

4. Flashband repair kit (Howard Jeffs)

5. Denzo tape patches with foil backing (2) (Howard Jeffs)

6. Epoxy putty tube with hardner included.

7. Small tube of super glue

6. Assorted small, medium and large zip ties (6)

7. 2 old credit cards, to act as plastic patches for puncture holes.

8. Multi-tool with pliers, knife, positive ands flat-head screwdriver

9. Small adjustable spanner

10. 2 small Allen keys, (to fit the keg slider attachment on my kayaks)

11. Small roll of P80 sandpaper

12. Bicycle inner tube patch, for sleep mats

13. 3m of 3 mm line

14. 3m of fine whipping line with large needle

15. Needle and thread for repairs to B.A.’s and clothing

16. Small wax candle stub, can burn for light or use on drysuit zips

17. Zipp lighter

18. Assorted elastic bands

19. Glow sticks (pack of 6).

20. Permanent marker pen.

21. S-clips (2)

I spray the multi tool, spanner and allen keys with light oil and put then into a sealed plastic bag to minimise corrosion. This lot all goes into a waterproof dry bag and it weighs 96 g all in and lives in my day hatch.

It would be interesting to hear what others think they need and what they actually have used over time.


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