A cold wintery paddle from Stegeborg

Determined to make the most of a cold but bright day we launched from Stegeborg. The castle looks just like a pepper pot. The car thermometer said -5 Celsius and the wind was about a F4. The boat straps had frozen solid on the roof rack, pogies were essential to keep hands warmish, as were gloves as soon as we stopped.  Good to think how we must sharpen our game for these slightly more demanding conditions. We found a pretty secluded bay for a lunch stop and even a hint of warmth out of the wind.  We’re trying out the Pace 17 S as a potentially useful boat for a long journey. It’s fast and long, I found the knee position a little too low for me. It’s hard to move from a boat you know so well.

Stegeborg castle
Calm bay to the East of Stegeborg

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