June 8-9, 2019  – Coaching Weekend

Therese and Kevin will run four coaching sessions for Christian at Östkustkayak over the weekend covering all aspects of paddling for the beginner or those with less experience.

Key topics will include how to set up your kayak, choice and size of paddle, forward paddling technique, draw strokes and turning strokes, turning on the move.  On the Sunday we’ll cover what to do when things go wrong, capsize and recovery, both alone and as part of a group. We will discuss the equipment we typically carry for a day trip and the importance of each item. The aim of this weekend is to give participants the confidence to do more themselves and to enjoy their paddling more.

The price for these four sessions is £ 50 each, with a reduction to £ 180 if you attend all four (two on Saturday and two on Sunday).  You will need to bring your own food and hot drink needed during the day. All kayaking equipment for the coaching sessions is included in the price.