Blue Paddle Pass Assessment

We will conduct a one-day blue paddle pass assessment starting from Ekön camp-site near Gryt at 09.30 and ending at about 16.00 on 26 August.  

The assessment will take the form of a day long journey and candidates will be required to demonstrate the full range of skills described in the Svenska Kanot Förbundet blue paddle pass syllabus.

Candidates are expected to have their own paddling and safety equipment (including helmets) and will be asked to use it in a range of relevant and realistic scenarios.   

We will paddle out towards Häradsskär and seek out suitable conditions, with interesting  waves and rock gardens. 

At the end of the assessment there will be a one to one de-brief with each paddler and as well as a simple pass/fail outcome we will discuss your strengths and recommend areas for you to work on further.  

The course fee doesn’t include accommodation but we can put you can camp or rent a stuga at Ekön .


Aug 26 2022


09:30 - 16:00




Ekön, near Gryt

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